Christ the King Sunday

Reaching the Pinnacle

Swiss Alps – A photo taken with my cell phone from a small plane flying from Paris to Genoa Italy. I was dead asleep, exhausted from a long night flying and a long layover in the Paris airport. Then, a small voice inside me said, “Wake up! Look at My creation!”

Christ the King Sunday is the point in time when we pause and take a broad look out over the landscape of the Christian life from the pinnacle of Christ’s life and ministry. Today, November 26th, is the last Sunday of the liturgical year. We have traveled with Jesus through His birth and young life from last Christmas, His Passion and resurrection during the Easter season, and His life in ministry through these past months since Pentecost. Now, we stand once again atop the incredible story of our Lord, Jesus Christ; a story that points to our way Home. We can look back on Jesus’ life and see that in all of the blessings and challenges, the struggle uphill was more than worth the effort. And, we look forward to the beautiful horizon of His heavenly kingdom knowing that in all things that have been and all things that are to come, Jesus is and always will be our purpose, our life, and our Love.


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